owl and a full moon

The moon was so bright when I stepped out to look at it last night; it illuminated the trees surrounding our yard. A huge shape in one of the trees leapt off a branch and flew towards the house—a magnificent owl. I could almost hear the swoosh of wings as it went by, but it was silent. Wouldn’t it be great to see in the dark like an owl: to know that I could fly through the deep woods without hitting a branch; to trust those instincts leading me to life sustaining food?


The instincts leading me to become my true self are buried deep within. They are in my very DNA. I need to silence the clamor trying to pull me away and listen with attentiveness. And then I need to leap off that branch trusting in the wind holding me aloft.

About dmdubay

Since retiring from Northwest Airlines and moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have more time to devote to writing. My first novel, "Tales of Two Sisters" was published over a year ago. I have been writing poetry for a long time and am attempting to collate my poetry into a short book, with pictures. A sequel to "Tales of Two Sisters" should be getting closer to completion soon. Gardening and tending the vineyard take a lot of time in the summer. Even though I love the outdoors, these activities do cut down on my writing. So I appreciate that wintertime allows me time to write. Writing, for me, is what brings things into focus and helps me to make sense of the things that life brings. It is a gift to me and I hope that it will be to you also.
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3 Responses to owl and a full moon

  1. Rene says:

    So cool!! The moon WAS beautiful last night, and if only I could have seen that owl… So awesome! Let that carry you 😊


  2. Lin H says:

    This one really spoke to me today…I need to leap off that branch trusting in the wind holding me aloft to be whom I came here to be….to do what I came here to do in this journey we call life… thank you for this message.


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